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March 02, 2006


This is unrelated to the actual content of your post and concerns the appearance instead. Have a look at this post via Bloglines...it's completely unreadable.

I wouldn't call it completely unreadable, but it is definitely below standard. ;-) I guess that's the end of Qumana as far as I'm concerned (sorry Philippe and Arieanna)... I don't even feel like trying the 3.0 beta version anymore. Besides: isn't it typical of beta versions that the teething troubles are still to be gotten rid of? When they do, Qumana can always let me know.
Thanks for signalling this, Andrea!

Has it really been 15 years since the french health guru sent out his last puff of smoke? Yes, I remember that Drücker appearance quite well. Hilarious! And as a matter of fact, I do believe that they got involved somehow... he has certainly given her the whiter shade of pale, if you catch my drift.

Thank you for the music, Serge!

the Vox podcast episode nr 8 (check vox.skynetblogs.be) has an item on Gainsbourg as well (the Michael Stipe version of a song, very nice). Besides that, the podcast also features an acoustic session of The Subways. Definitely worth checking

Fantastic picture and a fantastic post Serge. I have to admit to being somewhat behind you in matters Gainsbourgesque - still being distracted by the man rather than the music. We need those types of characters and mourn them when they're gone. So much of today's 'culture' and the artists associated with it veer towards MOR blandness.

You're becoming quite the music recommendation source - keep it up!

MOR: would that be Middle Of the Road? In that case: they had some cheery hits back in the sixties and seventies, such as Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep, Sacramento and Soley Soley. An absolute must for everyone who's fond of shiny happy hippie stuff. Yep: I am definitely becoming quite the music recommendation source... ;-D

@Marc: thanks for the tip!

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