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December 09, 2005


Respect bro.
New Orleans is sinking and I don't wanna swim - who is the one to evangelise ??

Uhm... ?? back at ya.

on their album "up to here" they have this Jules Verne-song "new orleans is sinking"
Made in 1989 & now in 2005 it happened

Ach zo, in die zin. Ik had alweer iets compleet anders begrepen... Inderdaad! Een van hun beste nummers trouwens. Al zijn ze eigenlijk allemaal goed. Ja, zo compleet onbevooroordeeld ben ik wel. ;-)

wow, you can switch so vloeiend between talen
tres bien maurice :-)

Glad you like the site. Thanks for the link!

You are very welcome. Anytime! Or perhaps just one little favour in return: a concert in Belgium some time soon ? ;-)

Dude. Fully and completely.

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