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December 09, 2005


I just bought my sister the new Bansky book and couldn't resist a quick look through myself. Definitely worth a look although I guess by the new year most of the images will have found their way online. Not quite the same as having the book (or even seeing them in real life). I liked the story about the letter that Banksy got from a London resident asking him to stop painting his pieces in the East End because they were putting up property prices and he couldn't afford to live buy a place near his family.

Graffiti as a social improvement? Now there's a turnip for the books

You make me jealous of your sister. Perhaps I should give you my wife's e-mail address so you can give her a hint. The story about the letter Banksy got ís quite incredible, isn't it. I'm thinking of inviting Banksy over here to do some spray work in the area! ;-)

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