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January 05, 2006


Looking good!

Great picture. We've also had a 'traditional' games renaissance at Castle Greenfield. The GameCube has been abandoned in favour of the shiny new poker set I was given for Christmas. I'll see your 5 and raise you another 5

Amzing to see how infantilisation is slowly penetrating our housholds again: Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, I even spot Monopoly here and there for Christs' sake!
No, really! I mean: those don't even compare to our biweekly mind-boggling Risk sessions!

I guess that's what happens once you have kids: you turn into one again yourself. And you know what: I'm loving it (NO, not McDonalds!)... Apart from that: I prefer Colonists of Catan to Risk anytime (although, mind you, I am not a game racist ;-) - there's a time, a place and/or an age for everything - just like you don't listen to Einstürzende Neubauten all day every day, right?).

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