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January 18, 2006


I do not wish to condescend to you, Serge, but "mind" should be "might"... small mistake there. Thought I'd let you know. (beroepsmisvorming)

Ah, the great HCB! As a photography lover (which I am), that man is an icon (making icons), of course. I read a nice anecdote about him today in December's edition of digi foto. Apparently, his career didn't start off too well. He went to Africa in the late 1920's and stayed there for a year. His stay didn't bear any fruit as his films were damaged beyond repair by moisture. He won't have made that mistake twice!

Let me know when you plan your trip to Amsterdam. I might come along. We could also have a workshop in "de walletjes".

The man died aged 95. He lived more than twice as long as that other icon of modern day photography, another favourite of mine, Robert Capa. Capa died, aged 41, when he stepped on a Vietminh antipersonnel mine in North Vietnam while on a photoshoot. I recently bought his definitive collection published by Phaidon. I highly recommend it.

Now who's the teacher here? But you're right: no excuses - typing error left unreread (is that a word?), unnoticed and uncorrected (just to stay in the 'un' series). I'll keep you posted about my trip to Amsterdam. I am, however, not sure if red lights make great photos... ;-D
About Robert Capa: I am not that familiar with his work. War pictures, right? Should take some time to get to know his work better. Perhaps later, after the 10,000 other things on my current 'to do' list. Unless, of course, you can convince me to put him at the top of my list somewhere?

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