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January 08, 2006


“Sunday morning speedshopping,” what a great phrase! I’m going to have to use that somewhere (with full attribution to you, of course).

Mmmm... I'm afraid that phrase has already been patented. I'll think about the fee for using it. ;-D

Isn't she a beauty? The DS is a classic of French automobile design. Just so idiosyncratic in every way but elegant and sexy at the same time. I very much admire what the French do with their cars, they don't always hit the mark but at least they're producing cars that aren't clones of every other German/Japanese hybrid out there.

I've also got a bit of a soft spot for the Renault 4 or the 'duck' as it was known over here.

"how wonderful it will be when, some day, scientists come up with a camera built into heads, probably integrating a USB link somewhere behind our ears or so"

Something like this? http://www.flickr.com/photos/pubsmith/84387497/

don't mean to disappoint you, but apparently the DS is a disaster when it comes to repairing it and keeping it in shape... I say this with pain in my heart, because it's one of my dream cars. Good luck with it, Jacky ;)

The duck? Over here that's a Citroën 2CV (we used to drive one, a very long time ago - got married in it, even; well, we drove to town hall in it). Check it out here: www.2cv.nl.

Ahhh the good old 2CV, over here we called that 'the dolly'. Absolutely no idea why. Another great example of the French completely doing their own thing in automotive design. Now a bona fide classic of course

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