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January 05, 2006


What is this supposed be?!
It's very crazy.

Well, Adriana, I can imagine this cartoon might need some explaining. Of course, it's like a joke: once you explain it, the fun goes away. But just because you wouldn't think I'm losing it... ;-)
This was drawn in the period Ariel Sharon suffered his stroke. At the same time (well, a bit before) the relatively popular American rock band The Strokes (get it? stroke/Strokes) released their album Is This It? Of course, in the light of a possible death, one might ask oneself the question "Is this it?" So when you bring all these elements together...
Anyway: explaining it spoils it, of course. And I am not saying the cartoon is potentially award-winning. But I only draw them because I enjoy myself doing so. You could ask yourself if someone suffering a stroke is a suitable subject for a cartoon, but I guess an artist (ahum) has artistic freedom...

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