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January 19, 2006


Funny, innit, how Anglo-Saxons rate our beers? How dare they.

You've got to give them credit though, they know what marketing is about. They know how to sell themselves (and what they write).

Did you know they call Stella 'wifebeater' in England? It's generally held that something in it seems to make the drinker more aggressive than the average beer. Not sure that would work as an advertising slogan though

You're a publican, aren't you, Sam? You should have a hunch then what cause the wifebeating. Maybe the higher acohol content or the hop?

Or the plain fact that British beer goes straight to the stomach; Belgian beer goes to the head... Whatever: I don't need Stella to beat my wife. At Scrabble, that is!

@ Ballistic - no, I'm not a publican. The nickname comes from a Freudian slip when I was younger and my father got me confused with his favourite drinking haunt and from then on I have been known as Pub - raising issues of nature vs nurture ;)

@ Serge - British beer certainly does go straight to the stomach. You only have to look at the shape of some of our fine specimens to see that!

Well, you know what they say... If you can't sell it anywhere else, you can always sell it to americans...

@Frederik: don't say this too loud. There actually are Americans reading this blog from time to time :-).

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