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January 31, 2006


Quite heavy stuff... :-)

Seems like an interesting chap to me. And well publicized too (is this flawless English, pls you british, comment). Serge, just to let you know that I have followed your example and have "erected" a blog of my own, dedicated to the good life and true friendship. You might want to check it out http://giantbullfrogs.typepad.com/giant_bullfrogs/

Sidney: heavy stuff? Wait till you see him drink? ;-D (Just kidding, Ignaas.)
Steven: great move. I 'll check it out immediately. And I'll throw in a link from this blog as well!

Ok, Serge, cool. And feel free to give tips and comments. When we get together, we must also discuss the future of internet and new means of communication. By then, I will also have read the complete works of Ignaas the Fish and will have prepared a tractate on his pieces of mind.

But first, I am leaving for a high-altitude training in Italy.

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