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January 11, 2006


'Tidy bins mate' as they say where I'm from (nice glasses). Don't worry, I don't think I could carry them of like you do (I have real trouble getting specs). Plus, I can't seem to find anywhere near here that sells them. Might have to be a trip to Bruges for some new eyewear and a taste of the real Belgian cuisine

You're quite welcome to stay over. If you don't mind sleeping on a camp bed, that is. Just drop me a line and I'll give you the tour of Bruges, real Belgian cuisine included.

Now guess who I came across while browsing the WeirdWebWorld? My old studymate Serge and his newly developed universe. So, howssssaat? It's been a while since "Sacred Sex". (For those among you, mere mortals, who happen to be reading this, I am not referring to some love affair we shared between the two of us, no sirreee. Maybe we ought to devote a separate entry to what I have come to remember (for I haven't seen the movie in over 10 years) as a cult film.)

Now then, where were we? Oh yes, Serge. Where have you been hiding out then since time immemorial? Maybe the time has come then for the big get-together over a nice Blonde Leffe and some pictures of my cyclist adventures. For your information, I have joined the ranks of Belgium's most interesting species, the West-Flemings, and consequently, am residing not far away from where you are bunkering, if that still is in the whereabouts of Torhout if I recall correctly. So, if you feel like sharing some memories with an old fart like me, send me a post. There's no pressure...

By the way, nice specs mate! Lovely Optiek Nr 17 website!

Careful, I might just take you up on that offer (I've slept on much worse/weirder things than camp beds, that's luxury believe me).

And of course the offer is open the other way around, the joys of Birmingham and the Midlands are yours for the taking.

Sacred Sex? Completely blocked from my memory ;-). And if you really must know what I have been up to, you might check out the 'about' page. Or better still: I'll gladly fill an old fart like you (are we the same age?) in personally on all the details. But I'd rather have a Westmalle Dubbel (draft, please) instead of a Blonde Leffe if that's okay with you. Great to hear from you - let's have that chat! Suggestions on where to meet?

I am always careful, Sam. So, seriously: let me know if you feel like coming over. I'll gladly pick you up at the airport, train station, seaport, ... and offer you our camp bed. I'll even chuck in some food and drinks. ;-)

The comments today are even more fun than the actual post. Good job Serge luring them in!

Sacred sex? ... you didn't even reply when I emailed to invite you to join our Amstel cycle trip..!

@ Andrea: I'll admit, this was a lucky shot ;-).
@ Johnny: welcome home, but stop singing?

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