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February 05, 2006


NEVER! Buy Danish!

In fact, the seemingly random black spot on the cartoon appears to have the shape of a particular country...

A country whose dutch-speaking half likes to vote 'black'...

Politically correct? I think NOT!

@Ballistic: I'd never give up their delicious butter cookies anyway...
@Frederik: you're seeing things that aren't there, I'm afraid. But isn't that the essence of all great art: that every observer makes his own interpretation?
(:-D, cough, cough)

@Frederik: what do you mean? It is the government (and that of all European states, incl. the US and UK) that wishes to be politically correct and bury its head in the sand.

@ballistic and serge:

Don't take my comment too serious... I was just imagining Serge had made a drawing of Belgium, a country that turns black on every election day.

It has absolutely nothing to do with the whole cartoon issue, so you can pretty much call it irrelevant.

I guess it's like Serge says... I was just giving it that little twist...Maybe a little far off, but hey: where would we be without people looking for things that aren't there?

In either case: don't break your head over it. Because that's just the mistake that lies at the base of this political riot.

You just wanted to insult me with your cartoon! Wait till I am back in Belgium and I will chop off your head ! :-)

Sidney: careful with what you say. You never know who is reading this - they might be inspired by your words and do it before you even get the chance... ;-D

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