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February 27, 2006


Nice article,

I find myself, as I live in northern Finland, obliged to investigate this theory in praxis.

I will, in the name of science, check if every blond girl here in Finland really is blond. If it turns out out that all of them are more experienced taking care of gentlemen then darker girls, the theory proves to be right.

If not, well... I wouldn't really care.

I wonder what 'eine kleine blogger' will think about that... ;-) (for all those who don't know who or what I am talking about: http://meinekleineblog.blogspot.com/ ).

Fascinating article from the Sunday Times. And congratulations on your evolution from caveman to modern man!

Thanks. Mind you: my wife lets me know we should stick to "slightly evolved but not so totally modern caveman" for now. :-)

I think that eine kleine blogger, with her blue eyes and (just a little bit fake) blond hair, can tell Piet everything he needs to know about this: it's not about the hair, it's about the boobs:)

By the way, just between us, what was it like to be Piet's teacher?

You really don't want to know, kleine blogger. I wouldn't want to ruin the image you have of him. ;-D

Glad to get a resolution to all of this, the haircolor I mean :-)

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