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February 04, 2006


Either you have a steady hand with those exif's or your wife is a trained mime!

Sounds like the perfect place for me and the family.

Master Asim Dominic Snr, how was the TASTE of the coffee?

@Ballistic: Or you put your camera on the counter...
@Andrea: If you're in the neighbourhood, let me know - I'll take you there and buy you a coffee.
@Sidney: Quite good actually. It's no real espresso, but I am not an espresso fan anyway, to be honest. I prefer 'ordinary' coffee (no instant stuff, of course), especially when made the Italian way, in a so-called moka pot or stovetop espresso (yes, I know: that is espresso, but not with the current-day espresso steam machines which usually make the coffee too strong for my stomach). Do you know what I am referring to: the old-fashioned aluminum ones? Perhaps I should devote a post to it...

Please do, you seem to be very knowledgeable about coffee ! :-)

Sidney: I don't really. But as a former copywriter, I am used to acting as if I do know stuff about well, stuff... :-D

Thanks for the tip!

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