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February 12, 2006


Sounds very good. What's your recommendation to do with it?

BTW, you've gone orange. Is that your dutch speaking side coming out?

Well Sam: you eat it. But that probably was not your question... ;-) Anyway - I love it just like that, as a snack - also delicious with some strong, spicy Flemish mustard. Or you add some small cubes to your blognese, I mean bolognese sauce - yummie. Or you can use it to liven up a stew. Personally, however, I love it best in a very simple meal: smoked ham, fries and a salad (just lettuce, tomatoes and onions). A little bit of mayonaise, some mustard: I'm happy for the rest of the day! You might consider drinking a Witkap beer with that. Or a Hommelbier should do just fine too. Both have a nice hop taste which blends in with the peaty, smoky aroma of the ham. Oh: and the orange has nothing to do with me loving the Dutch. It's just an experiment (photographically speaking) not having worked completely as it should...

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