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February 11, 2006


Serge, what a good sport you are! You did share interesting things, such as your job as a pianist...

I came this close to naming The Lord of the Rings (yes, all three) as one of my favorite movies. Wish I could have chosen more than four.

By the way, you're weekend isn't completely ruined since you still have Sunday to enjoy (speedshopping, anyone? sorry, I couldn't resist).

Well, Andrea, the pianist thing is a reference to a famous quote by the equally famous Jacques Séguéla, a French advertising guru (the 'S' in RSCG, later Euro RSCG - a.o. the guy behind some of François Mitterrand's campaigns - well-known for his oneliner 'Don't tell my mother I work in advertising, she thinks I'm a pianist in a brothel'). I have, of course, no idea how far the man's fame extends on the other side of the Atlantic.

And as far as the speedshopping is concerned: 23'56" was today's time - not so speedy this morning, but there was a crowd at the butcher's. And I admit I lost quite a bit of time chatting to someone I ran into just outside the shop. Tough call: break a Sunday morning record or be sociable? :-D

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