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February 27, 2006


wtf Serge, three posts in a row, these must be the holidays?

On quamana, I don't know, yet another desktop tool is my first reaction. The tsunami of Web 2.0 applications, plug-ins and other special software for supposedly making our lives easier leaves me very sceptical. I removed Growl (notification tool) and Little Snitch (spyware tool) from my Apple. The thing starts up much faster now. As for my pc, I try to keep it as k.i.s.s. as possible too.

Holidays? Working days, sitting at my desk all day, only occasionally allowing myself a little fun by posting something is more like it ;-D

I bet you a free entrance to the IAOC's European Conference in Brussels that your posting rythm will go up as well as the amount of visitors you receive through the technorati tags... Anyway, if it doesn't work, I'll blame it on the end user...
(And don't you even think about making an IBM joke now..;-)

If you want to increase the traffic on your blog include following Technorati tags: sex, nude girls, f**k,...
Anyway you have already kissy kissy, gentlemen prefer blondes...
Soon you will be able to ask money from your blog visitors. ;-)

Sidney's right Serge, just look at the 1000+ hits my image of Amanda's DIY boob job generated in little over a week of being posted to Flickr.

Let me know how you get on with Qumana, I wasn't that impressed but I may have been quick to judge. Worth a second chance do you think?

@Philippe: I wouldn't dream of doing that. BTW: I'll take that free ticket any time. I'll just drop my posting rhythm till the Conference is over. ;-D
@Sidney: okay, how much are you willing to lay on the table?
@Sam: I think it takes getting used to working with it. So far, I have had to go to Typepad nevertheless to do somefinetuning. The advantage is the fact you can easily incorporate T'rati tags and that you can work offline as well as drop content you come across on the net in the dropbox. The disadvantages are, for me at least, the fact of not having the usual layout in posts and the hickups I've had with some images not coming through. So far: I'm not really convinced (sorry Philippe)... (yet?).

Thanks for your honest testing of Qumana. I'd humbly suggest you upgrade to the 3.0 beta - perhaps have less hiccups :)

@Arieanna: thanks for the tip - I'll give it a try.
BTW, everybody: I also forgot to mention that I seem to be missing the 'comments' option in my posts via Qumana (which also could be considered a major hickup ;-) ). I guess it has more to do with Typepad than with Qumana, but nevertheless (before I start reading the entire Typepad manual): tips on how to solve this problem?

NOt sure which version you've got Serge but in the 3.0 beta there's a checkbox on the right hand side of the drop box that allows you to turn comments on/off (next to the trackback option)

PS - I've had a lot of the same hiccups that you have even with version 3.0 beta. I'll keep an open mind and check out 3.1 perhaps

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