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March 20, 2006


Following Sam's example of some time ago, this is a pre-emptive comment. Not all the Germans have 'zis funny akzent'. Some actually speak English really well. But it was too great a film not to link too. Sorry, guys! ;-D

Pre-emptive comment, eh? Anyway, the "we are sinking! what are you thinking about?" is hilarious!

With regard to the photo, I notice a theme here: http://no-copy.typepad.com/no_copy/2006/03/shocking_revela.html

LOL! Great summary post with some VERY funning links. You are totally right about the English skills... ;-)

Had to watch the language clip twice as it was so funny!

@Andrea: a theme? Like a "he's always eating in a photo" kind of theme? No - that's a totally wrong impression you have... :-)
@Steffen: I was definitely NOT referring to you. Welcome on this blog, btw. Come back anytime!
@Julia: I know. I have already seen it over a dozen times and I still can't help ROTFL'ing... BTW: same 'btw' as for Steffen...

Take care - with five comments this could turn into a 'conversation'... Why not watch this instead? It kept my students quiet for five minutes anyway.


Yes, again an interesting photo. I immediately recognized the theme there. Andrea is right. Maybe it's time for Serge to start up a second blog about food.

You boys and girls seem to have a good time between yourselves. Baden-Württemberg has always been one of my favourite German provinces. The Ur-German province, as it were. Nice and straightforward people there, also very outspoken, I like that.

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