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March 11, 2006


I'll keep it in mind.

Soon I will have to start travelling around Europe to give presentations in 3 different languages in order to try and sell our fantastic products.

Imagine that not even three years ago I was frightened to talk about my hometown in front of 20 classmates... things change... way too fast.

I hate powerpoint but if you have to use it, the 10/20/30 rule is the way forward. I'm all for the interactive 'look Mum, no laptop' approach

Good luck Piet - I'm always impressed at anyone who has multi-lingual presentation skills so you've won the first battle by making the effort

@Piet: I can't say I remember you being thàt shy... Anyway: good luck with your travels and presentations across Europe. When you're in Belgium: you know what to do, right?
@Sam: no need to hate PP, it can be an excellent tool, if used correctly...

Maybe hate was too strong a word ... I agree it's a useful tool but I've seen it used so badly and so often as a workaround for things it's really not supposed to be used for that I have developed a hatred maybe not of the tool but of the end-product.

It's like anything I suppose, there's a time and a place and a right and wrong way to use it

Just please don't make me sit through another hour and a half slide show of graphs and bullets

Couldn't agree more!

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