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March 25, 2006


Congratulation Serge on your post. You're absolutely right. We may be a small and artificial country, but we sure have placed it on the music globe!

I could not agree more!

Mintzkov Luna? Isn't that the dEUS coverband? *lol*
And whatever happened to Charlie 45 (in '92). Orgasmaddix ended 3rd and guess what... DeLaVega's bass player was member of that band. Ah, lovely all those stories. Tune in to Brussel Vlaams on StuBru for all the latest news

Will do! BTW: when will we be able to listen to the weekly Clubcircuit programme on StuBru? Featuring a regular interview with the CC coordinator, of course... (for all non-Belgian visitors of this small corner of the web: StuBru is Studio Brussel, one of our national radiostations - check it out via the web on www.stubru.be, and click through via 'luister live' which, literally translated, means, that's right: listen live...)

we're working on it Serge, we're working on it ;) Soon on-line however: the first Clubcircuit podcast.

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