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March 26, 2006


Another Serge post that asks some interesting questions. I wish I'd been able to make it to Stuttgart to hear/take part in some of the discussions myself.

Your post got me thinking about comments vs discussions and whether we're seeing a split developing between blogs that (actively) promote or encourage discourse and those that are written for entertainment or other purposes. I'll think some more and maybe post on it later

I have noticed that in the meantime. Good point!

While I do think that commenting on a blog (like I do now) is not really a conversation I still believe that inter-blog conversations are possible... Real discussions between blogs, not just a comment on a post.

Also, technology will soon find an almost invisible way to track comments, link them and paste them into one nicely flowing web-page.

Just like http://9cays.com/help does for e-mail "conversations"...

(Mmm, makes me think, if you have RSS feeds for your comments then you could turn this feed into an e-mail and point it to 9cays and collect all in one page....) Jesus, am I getting techy or what ;-)

No, not at all. Although you have lost me completely...:-)

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