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March 08, 2006


Aaah! So cute!

Cute ! Cute ! Cute ! What a gorgeous smile. And she looks like her daddy ! ;-)

a small contribution to womanhood, a giant leap forward for mankind :P

lovely photo, i'm lucky to have three daughters myself so i get to practice my photography quite often :D

keep well...

Thanks for telling me what day it was. Wouldn't it be great if our daughters, who are the same age, could meet one day?

come on Serge. 1 daugther is a SMALL contribution. You can do better than that! Go for it, boy

@Andrea: I'd better start teaching her some basic English then, wouldn't I? Unless, of course, you could all start taking Dutch evening classes? ;-D
@Marc: Does the word vasectomy mean anything to you? Besides: I have invested in the weaker and outnumbered sex. I'd say three kids is a big enough contribution to our pension system, don't you think? :-D

BTW Sidney: she actually looks exactly (and I mean exactly) like her mother at that age. Wonder if she'll have hair colour worries later as well? ;-)

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