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March 15, 2006


Enjoy the syposium. I'm looking forward to hearing what was said via my source on the mainland (that's you by the way)

meanwhile, I'll be sitting here, dutch-english dictionary in hand, polishing

Dank u wel :-)

@ Sam: I'll try and pay attention to what is said... ;-)
@ Stephen: graag gedaan!

Sam, Stephen - Don't worry, I will keep an old fashioned English eye on Mr No Copy...

Tot ziens,


@Serge: I added your blog to my RSS feeds... really easy to use, and apparently, with "blogger" you don't need to install anything... works automatically... which is nice.

@Sam Smith: good luck on the Dutch, it's a lovely language, although you should give Finnish a try as well. "voi olla että minulla on pieni, mutta se ampuu tosi pitkälle!"

Moi moi!

If you like RSS feeds, go check out www.live.com where you can personalise some pages and everywhere you go, you have access to your feeds...
I know, it's a Microsoft product ;o), but give it a try and tell me what you think about it! BTW, your blog is already on my live.com page, Serge

@Piet - I failed miserably last time I attempted to learn some Finnish (to impress a Finnish girl). In my defence I've heard it's one of the hardest languages to learn if you're a native English speaker

Actually, i could use some work on my Flemish, but, I will send it to my sister in law in Ieper instead. She is a teacher and would be interested I think.

@Piet: geiren gedoan...
@Philip: looking back on Euroblog, I got the impression it was rather the other way round... BTW: Vig, Philip, Vig...
@Francis: thanks for the tip - I'll check it out one of these days (or week at the latest)! Oh: glad to hear about me being on your live.com page...
@Kami: hope she finds it useful!


I see from a comment on my blog that you're back from the Euroblog Symposium. How was it? How was Stuttgart? I know you said you wouldn't post until you got my go-ahead :-0 but I'm sure you've got wonderful information to share. So let's hear it! Btw, I like your idea about separating feeds into daily vs. weekly reads. I usually categorize via subject, but your system has obvious advantages.

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