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April 27, 2006


Way to go Serge! And you know you've got much more than 12 minutes remaining! (Noticed that you and the other gentleman were dressed alike...)

Thanks for the encouragements. And about our clothes: that's the unofficial dresscode for Belgian marketing communication professionals :-).

Serge the Cyclist, Serge the academic, Serge the family man and now Serge the TV star. Is there no end to your talents?

Any chance of getting a peek at the broadcast online?

It's just a matter of doing just enough in different fields of intrest so that you get noticed, but never doing too much - that would be too much work. That's the only talent I have tried to develop so far... :-). I'll let you know when it's broadcast - it should normally also be available online once it's been on TV. Another excellent chance to polish your Dutch! BTW: don't get your (or mine for that matter) hopes up too high - it's mainly Marc doing most of the talking...

Serge; very cool, when does it air, I will have my relatives watch?

Plus, I will have to see it online and see if I understand ANYTHING! Probably not, I will have to have my husband translate.

Tot ziens!

I'll keep you all posted as to when it will be on air (I don't know that yet myself) and when it will be available online. I am sure you'll understand some words. My vocabulary is, after all, limited and simple :-)

Well, I am at about the infant-learning-her-first words level:

Bent u ziek? Mijn zoon was ziek. And so on...(ha-ha).

I am sure the interview was brilliant, I look forward to watching it.

Kami: that already looks like a great start. At least people would understand when you should ever need a doctor around here... :-) (which I hope will never happen, of course)

Now, I am not sure I could ask for a toilette, but hey, I could get a check up ;-)

And by the way, he really was sick last week, and maybe still is. :-( Not too bad though.

Hope he gets well real soon!

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