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April 11, 2006


I hope they take this information into account for their next design regardless of PR approach. Generally, the company appears to have taken design seriously in the past from their own PR - hence tauting of the prototype. From my cycling experience, after a crash, accidents and failures can happen particularly in a race, so it will be interesting to see what they share.

I hope the disapointment is less painful for George than the physical injuries and he recovers quickly.

Interesting case study, Serge.

I fear that the history of denial in cycling circles will perhaps kick into gear on this one. After all, like you say, Trek/Bontrager still haven't commented... too little, too late?

I will admit I haven't ever looked but I've never come across a cycling blog - either by a cycling manufacturer or a rider. Any thoughts?

Wait, according to an article today at cyclingnews.com, Trek has stated that they are having the bike shipped to them for a "thorough evaluation." The article also has Bruyneel's thoughts on the cause.

Now, whether anyone will ever see the results of the evaluation is another story.

Or perhaps they'll refer the evaluation to the UCI.... then that'll be the end of it!

@Josh: I hope so too!
@Simon: True, I haven't really come across many either. On the other hand, I haven't really looked that hard. Perhaps I should start today (a late new year resolution? ;-) ) There are some blogs by cycling amateurs and I know, for example, George hincapie used to have a blog (to talk to the fans), but the latest post dates back to somewhere in 2003 (viz. http://hincapie.blogspot.com ).
@John: thanks for the input! I hadn't seen the article yet. Let's hope they are transparent enough to come out with the results. I am convinced that it will only increase their credibility and trustworthiness, even if it means admitting they made a mistake with the bike...
@Simon: the UCI - don't talk to me about them! Like a lot of 'interest organisations' their only real interest is their own position, not the interests of the people they are supposed to be representing. The ProTour, the troubles with the organisers of the 3 big tours (France, Giro, Vuelta), ...

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