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April 09, 2006


What? You weren't sitting in front of your telly then? I thought you were a Tom Boonen fan? There are the good times, Serge, and the lesser times.

Steven: you should know me better than that! I did not say I was in my garden all weekend long, did I? :-) Anyway, you're right: some you win, some you lose. But at least Boonen went down fighting. And Cancellara simply was the better man in the race. Even Boonen admitted that... Besides, I am not a Boonen fan to the extent of not wanting anyone else to win. I am a cycling fan in the first place. And Boonen? Well, let's say he's one of god's gifts to Belgian cycyling at the moment. But let's not forget there are others out there as well. I saw an excellent Hoste this weekend, for example (and good old Peet is still around too when he has to). We have some interesting years ahead...

Hmmm, gardening actually doesn't sound too bad at all, but I don't have a garden... But shopping works as well:) Good for your health with all the walking, and you get fresh air when walking from one shop to another.

Shopping? Please don't talk to my wife about that... :-)

Once I'm moved into Castle Smith I think I'll be cultivating a spot in the garden for my own little veggie patch. My Dad's got green fingers, I wonder if I've inherited them?

Don't worry if you haven't. No one in my family line used to grow veggies, but I manage all the same. Trial and error, and the good old Nike slogan...

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