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April 01, 2006


Very cool. I noticed you had yours up earlier this week!

Andrea! You do realise this comment can be so misunderstood? :-D


My official response: You know me better than to associate me with such a statement.

My unofficial response: Behave!

Well, Andrea, to be honest: I do not know you that well at all, do I? I only more or less know the Andrea from New Millennium PR. And as for the 'behave!': I'll try. But I am not making any promises... ;-)

Well I was going to make a sensible comment (and agree with you Serge about the Radio 1 DJ's needing to know when to shut up and play the music) but I can see the tone is turning more into 'Carry On blogging'

It's the weekend, misbehave and enjoy

PS - who won the race?

Boonen did. Should I say: "of course"?

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