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April 21, 2006


Powerful! Fantastic idea!
And those street children really need our help and support!

They certainly do. Personally, I (and my family) try to help out through financial adoption (via Cunina - a Belgian, smaller version of Plan International). I can recommend this form of support to anybody....

Wow. I thought this campaign was intense:


until I saw the kid on the door above.

Well, the intensivity is different - I guess the one above is just uhm... sneakier. But I guess the dead kid does make quite a wake-up call too! thx for the link and for the reference to Ernie Schenck's blog. Looks like something to keep an eye (read: RSS feed) on.

Did I just write intensivity. Intensity was the word I was looking for...

Frankly, the way things are right now, I'm not sure I'd want to play myself in my very own movie of the week.

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