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April 13, 2006


I wonder if (hope) my rugby coach reads NoCopy...

Not only great advertising for Duvel but if you look at his ears, you wonder if he just drank one :o)

@Sam: I hope so too. Mind you: you should go careful on the stuff... :-)
@Francis: or else he's Vulcan, of course!

Thanks for this valuable insight. Will definitely turn to Duvel when I'm cycling in Belgium next month. (My touring chum has a taste for Hoegaarden - will enlighten him on his duty to boycott).

You're welcome, Philip. But like I told Sam: careful with that stuff. And about your touring chum: Dentergems white beer is, among the conoisseurs (ahum), considered to be a lot better than Hoegaarden anyway...

Of course it is a lucky year, we hope.

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