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May 23, 2006


I'm letting you know: I'm in for that kind of festival, but unfortunately I have a date with Evil Jorg H.

I'm just checking with the Monkey but she's been bugging me about going to a festival for ages so I reckon this could be a good excuse to visit. Depends on how writing up her PhD is going but I don't think she'll take too much persuading

That sounds great, Sam. Just let me know if you come and when. We can arrange to meet up (I could show you around town). If, of course, you would want to :-)... Also, you can use our garden for camping. Or, should the weather be as it has been lately, the living room. We don't have a spare bedroom, though. Unless, I can convince the kids to sleep outside. Or convince their grandmother to take them for a weekend or so. Or... :-)

I'll probably be there as well, although I'm more interested in Gnarls Barkley and the Sunday program

Marc: I already had a feeling you might be...

I will be there. I absolutely love Cactus Festival, and this years program is fantastic in my humble opinion.
It's also great we can party on a little longer this year, music untill 1 o'clock :-)

What could I possibly add to that? :-) Enjoy!

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