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May 19, 2006


They are afraid. Jesus was human after all. Two thousand years later it turns out that he was walking on a thin layer of ice.

They still don't get it, do they? Actually giving Jesus human traits would make him much more popular and "tangible". What are they afraid of? That the book of Genesis is fake? That Jesus didn't rise up to heaven with a big halo around his head after all?

I think this is great humour. The Belgian bishops are a bunch of old farts.

Shame on you, Steven. That's blasphemy! :-) Personally, I think Jesus Christ was a zen buddhist without knowing the word. And this time, I am not kidding. I am almost certain he meditated (40 days in the desert - seems very similar to what buddha did sitting under his tree) and also: the link between resurrection and enlightenment is bigger than many of us think. You have to die (lose your ego completely) before you can actually resurrect (reach enlightenment). How's that for a weekend thought? ;-)

Amen to that, bro! Jesus rocks. And so does Samuel L. Jackson.

Well, the poor old guys just realized that they have missed trying to stop The Da Vinci Code to come out (since it premiered on Wed) and saw a new opportunity to cry out loud. I personally would really like to know, when will the Catholic church stop doing all the fuzz about Jesus not being all human.

The more they (Catholic church, Opus Dei or whoever) protest, the more people start to think that there must be something there what makes them so nervous, otherwise they wouldn't mind. Would they?

I cannot see the humor in this either, but I think it's rather due to the poor concept/idea of the advertising agency. I'm sure they can do much better than this. Sorry, but this doesn't surpass the typical "mother-in-law" humor of Walter Capiau...

@ Triin: Good question. My guess would be you might just be right!
@ Marc: I always knew you were a closet bishop! :-)

thanks for posting this... when i was young, in australia, the christian world was scandalised by monty pythons "life of brian" which in hindsight was more a parody on preconceptions than concepts themselves... people shouldn't mix up perceived certainties and handed-down infallabilities, they should start looking and thinking for themselves, looking inwards toward the real worth of human existance and not letting themselves be subserviant to imposed belief-systems...

keep well...

Bart: I couldn't agree more. However, most people do not think for themselves. After all, it is easier when somebody else does this hard work for you...

Jesus as a zen buddhist. I like it. Think you might have got something there Serge.

My advice to the churchies ... lighten up. As someone said to me the other day 'it's so much harder to give a bollocking to [disbelieve] someone when they've got a smile on their face' :-)

I'll try and remember to put on my stupidest grin next time I see some dangerously-looking characters coming my way...

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