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June 02, 2006


After my experience of cycling in Belgium last weekend I would have thought excess body hair was a bonus ... to keep out the cold and rain! First time I have nearly drowned in three countries in the space of one afternoon...

Then again, I was so slow up the hills around Maastricht shaved legs would have had time to grow again before I reached home.

Philip, sorry to hear the weather kind of spoiled your weekend. But then again: I'm sure it will at least be one to remember! BTW: I hate the words "told you so" myself, but... ;-)

If you are really bored... http://www.youtube.com/v/t6Zj3kywaH0

The soundtrack is an ode to a decent pair of cycle shorts.

don't know if shaving the hair on your legs is a trend, but shaving your pubic hair surely is.

@Philip: you're really getting the hang of that photo-film making stuff, arent't you? Excellent music choice (The Mercy Seat: decent cycle shorts or a new saddle?). BTW: Rabobank shirt? I know: when in Rome... But still. :-)
@Marc: got any plans in that area?

I rather like the shirt... Are there any decent cycle (clothing) shops in the centre of Brussels?


Not sure it would improve my cycling this year... but I'm always game to try out something new!

If you do try it, let me know how it is like! Or even better: send a picture; I'll try not to post it... :-)

Serge, every now and again my Mam (mother) checks out my blog and she tends to click on the links to people who have commented on a post I've made.

Only last night, she was asking me who the hilarious guy is that talks about shaving his legs for cycling. I was quite puzzled...but now I know.

You have a fan.

Stephen, I am honoured to have your Mam as a fan. Btw: should she have any leg-shaving tips... ;-)

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