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July 31, 2006


War is an ugly thing. Again, children are the main victim. Very sad but very true.

It is being demonstrated yet again how impotent the international community is vis-à-vis this tragedy.

Another example of our government not listening. Blair insists that he's doing what's right but the overriding opinion of the people is in support of the ceasefire so who's the decision right for?

He didn't listen about Iraq and followed GWB into a war we didn't want. Looks like he's not listening again. The sooner that man is gone the better

@Steven: so right. The United Nations is becoming a joke more and more.
@Sam: I was glad when Labour (well, New Labour - with the 'new' being synonym of 'Tory-like' as it turns out) came to power. I suppose many Britons were too. But now? What's the alternative? Lib Dem? Do they have the support, the grass roots, the staff, the structure,... to pull it off? I doubt it. So: it's the devil or the deep blue sea, I guess.

I don't think you have to wait untill there are new elections in U.K.

2008 - That is the important year: it is pretty obvious that Blair will follow the new US president, even if it is a democrat (God, I hope it will be)

Blair got himself stuck so deep in the U.S.'s ass that there is no way he'll ever get out.

So if the new president of the U.S. decides to call the whole Iraq thing a day and remove the troops and let the country rebuilt itself, Blair will think likewise. Unless he wants to stay behind in Iraq ... alone... ???

I also guess that after the Bush government we won't have to worry too much anymore about the US telling us what to do... By that time the president will be far too busy to reorganize the mess that Bush and his hawkes left behind.

Serge - I was glad too when the New Labour government came to power but now, nearly a decade down the line they've gone back on so many of their promises and been shown up to be no better (sometimes worse) than the previous Government they attacked so vociferously that it's becoming hard to believe in New Labour any more. I wish I knew what the alternative was. I didn't vote for the devil this time - I voted Green.

Piet - You think Blair will last that long? If you believe what the media are saying over here, he's on his way out fast. Only question is, will Gordon Brown be any better?

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