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August 22, 2006


More conspiracy theories, along the lines of the crazy belief that the Holocaust never happened either. Great.

9/11 truth has absolutely nothing to do with Holocaust denial. It's dishonest & absurd for to try & link the two.

9/11 truth is based on the numerous, highly implausible actions/inactions of the U.S. gov't that took place before, during, and after that fateful day.

Google David Ray Griffin & read about the 9/11 truth books he's authored, for starters.

Sure. I always new that it was Dick Cheney the culprit. ;-)

new = knew (sorry)

Someone at 911Blogger.com says the "Canvas" version of "Loose Change" was edited, so that the most important segments of the documentary were not shown. I encourage you to click the link below and watch the full version.


Well, if you remember it is all about facts. 1) So something happened on sep 11. 2) Read the official 9/11 Commission report on amazon. 3) And read David Ray griffins books and check video: http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=david+ray+griffin&hl=en

Oh well,

I don't see what the holocaust has to do with 9/11 but for every major thing that happened in the world there is a so called "conspiracy".

There are "documentaries" claiming that the americans never landed on the moon, that Roswell really happened and that people really saw a big monster in Loch Ness. Hell, there are even documentaries out there claiming that Madonna is NOT an attention seeking wh*re. Even the Michael Moore documentaries are very, very subjective and should be taken with a big rock of salt.

Especially the ones with the UFO abductions are the funniest. Where people are claiming that the aliens did a full cavity research... as if the secret of the universe would be hidden in their arses... (quoting (pdw))

I call it good entertainment, let's decide for ourselves what we believe and what not... make our brains work instead of tv telling us what to believe.

Of course 9/11 and the Holocaust aren't connected, but they're two examples of where too many people let their biases trump facts.

To Anonymous: Since you obviously feel so strongy about truth and honesty, how about having the guts to stand behind your ideas by using your real name?

To quote The Joker:; "Ooh, we've got a live one here." Apparently, 9/11 is still (and so it should be) a hot topic.
@MJW and Martijn: thanks for the link.
@Piet: glad to see you have still got your plain Flemish common sense :-).
@Anonymous: everybody's free to make themselves known or not, but I tend to agree with Andrea - it's nice to 'know' who we're talking to.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Like for instance knowing that jetfuel does not burn anywhere near the temperature required to melt steel. That one gets quoted a lot.

Unfortunately, jetfuel does burn hot enough to weaken steel my more than half -- enough to trigger a collapse.

The people promoting the Pentagon conspiracy theory seem to somehow disregard the eyewitness testimony of thousands of people who were on the interstate with a plain view of the impact. They saw a plane. Not a missile.

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