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September 18, 2006


Is that you with your brother? I see you had fun building castles in the sand! ;-)
Too bad you need to go back to school now ! ;-)

Well, good luck :)

Our year started 2 weeks ago, so most of the students and lecturers have already managed to get themselves to the point where they try to skip classes and rest in the cafes ;) Well lecturers don't skip, they shorten. And students skip and agree with less time-consuming classes ;)

@ Sidney: I know I look a lot younger than I really am...
@ Triin: of course, we would never do that. :-) Good luck with your studies!


nice pics of the kids - is that Ostend? - and great that you namecheck Buffalo Tom. My favourite track of theirs has to be 'Taillights Fade'...

Thanks, Andrew. Nice kids make nice pics, of course :-D. It's not Ostend, but Middelkerke, some 8km west of Ostend and usually less crowded. You're right, btw: Taillights Fade is a great song. Saw them perform at Cactus festival in Bruges this summer: great gig. Apparently, they're also putting out a new album in the beginning of next year. The new material they showcased in Bruges sounded quite promising. So I guess that's something to look out for...

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