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October 01, 2006


happy birthday tooooooooooo youuuuuuuuuuuuu
ne helukkihe hé ventje wè

A fine day? I thought you had been so surprised by the first day this year it hadn't rain in Belgium you had been inspired to blog about it.

Then I realised it was your birthday.

So Happy Birthday dear Serge!!!

Let's hope Belgium celebrates by voting in the right way (which probably isn't right and certainly isn't racist).

Very best wishes,


Dirk: stief wel bedankt en blijven oefenen op dat West-Vlaams! :-)
Philip: thanks to you too. And where the rain is concerned: no such luck I'm afraid. Let's hope the climate (in every meaning of the word) is sunnier next Sunday...

Happy birthday! I will be traveling to your neck of the woods soon. I will send an e-mail with more details.

Allez Serge, een late proficiat met je 35e! Keep up the good work.

Proficiat met uw 35jarige bestaan! ;)

Kami, Steven and Kirsten: thanks! And Kami: please do...

Happy birthday, Serge.

It's good to emphasise that there are millions of people in Flanders who support tolerance, rather than worrying about those who don't.

But if the latter change their minds before sunday, it'll be because they have come to realise that "the party we don't specifically mention, but we all know which one we're talking about" poses no real answers to the problems in this country.

And, to be honest: on the evening news, I've seen countries with bigger problems than ours.

True words, Frederik. And thanks for the wishes!

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