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October 11, 2006


I cannot help but feeling that whenever that guy is talking it is as if everthing he says has been written and approved from beforehand.
... oh but wait... it probably is ;-)

It is funny, they claim it is all the new belgians (who used to be immigrants) that vote for the socialist party.

It is rather strange, because whenever I am in discussion with a Vlaams Belang voter they always say... "did you know that all the immigrants who turned belgian vote for VB as well? Because they are ashamed of the non belgian immigrants?"

Piet: I see what you mean. But then again: consistency has never been their strong point, has it... ;-{

Good thing that they lost votes. But I don't think we should claim victory either. Belgium and Europe are still heading towards some very serious problems due to our greying population.
Those people prosper on problems!

True, Sidney. It's up to our 'leaders' to prove they're capable of good government and tackle problems in society as much as possible. I guess we still have we a long way to go...

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