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October 20, 2006


Although I can't disagee with the point of your post, my objection lies with the header. You've created a serial, with no obvious end in sight :-)

Andrea: you are right. But don't worry, even though there will probably never come an end to my uhm.. let's call it curiosity about the US, the serial is not meant to be judgmental (at least not in a general fashion - after all, THE American does not exist). Even though I do not always agree with certain evolutions in society on the other side of the Atlantic, I could just as well make a similar serial on just about any other country in the world, including my own :-). But on the other hand: a country which claims economic, military and moral leadership in the (Western) world, should be prepared to take some (constructive) criticism. :-) And it's not even criticism in my case: it is often a deeply felt wonder. Call it a "how on earth...?" kind of reflex. Perhaps it is based on my childhood image of the United States; the country of the black and white Saturday afternoon movies on Belgian TV (think Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, Marlene Dietrich, Bettie Page, Clark Gable, James Dean, John Wayne, Gary Cooper, and so on and so forth), where the good guys won from the bad guys, where every family had a big fridge,... well just about every cliché you can think of. Of course, society has evolved, the world has evolved, and I am just not sure if the leaders or the moral majority in the US are taking their (great, I am sure) country in the right direction. But again, that probably goes for just about any other country in the Western hemisphere nowadays. So: don't worry about the header. It's a fact there will be more of that and there's nothing you can do about it... :-).

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