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October 05, 2006


For those of us who are just a little rusty on our recent Belgian political history, how about a little context on the budget minister...

Well, she could easily be an actress from Bold and Beautiful, The Neighbours or something like that. We have word for this look in Estonian- "meelas". In English it would be something like "voluptuous".

I don't think this lady is trying to use 'sex'. All I see is a woman trying to look beautiful on a photograph. If there's one thing you can blame her, it would be bad taste.

But hey, de gustibus et coloribus non est disputandum :-)

@Philip: There is probably a lot to be said about 'Freya' as she is commonly known. 'Looks or brains' is probably the question that involves her the most. She is one of the youngest ministers ever in Belgium, and being female on top of that... Moreover she was an unwed mother (but got married recently) who has always had a way with words. She has, however, been involved in a number of political hiccups (a.o. insulting the Dutch prime minister) which have lead to even more speculations about her being capable of doing her job. Some say she only got that far in politics because her father used to be an important minister (esp. of education) as well. Of course, she looks good in the media and has been able to attract people's attention with some remarkable campaigns, so... I guess quick success at such a young age is bound to lead to criticism.
@ Triin: thanks for the language tip. Should I ever come to Estonia... ;-)
@ Frederik: do I sense a Freya fan somewhere deep down? :-)

Thanks, did Stern get in?

I wouldn't say that :-)

Nor am I a fan of VB's Anke Vandermeersch, who promised her voters to have her nude pictures taken if she was elected in '99 (back then, she was still a VLD-candidate)...

Compared to that, I think our budget minister is not so bad after all ;-)

@Philip: she got elected, but her party did not make it into the majority, so she'll be in the opposition for the next six years.
@Frederik: Compared to Anke Vandermeersch, nothing is 'that bad after all' :-D .

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