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November 06, 2006


Oh man, Borat. I'm definitely going to see that movie this week. A pal of mine told me on the phone that there is this movie he would like to go see in my company. Now don't tell me, I said. I was thinking the exact same thing: Borat. The effect of comedy on people is so funny in that no two kinds are alike. One thing we also agreed on was that we would leave our spouses at home. Their respective answer was: you go alone honey 'cuz I don't dig Borat anyway. Hahahaha. They don't know what they will be missing.

Nice to see that you're posting again Serge. In case you're wondering about my new nickname, I changed my real name signature for privacy reasons. After all, I don't want to be confronted with the Google results my son comes up with in 10 year's time linking my real name to Borat...

Totally nude? ;-)

@ Steven euh El Presidente: know what you mean. I guess I'll have to go and watch it by myself too...
@ Sidney: of course. I never wear clothes when I am behind the computer. Didn't you know? :-D


Chenquieh, Stephen! :-D

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