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November 16, 2006


Well then, how 'bout you make us some soup before we start class tomorrow ?

Dear Jonas, I leave at 7 in the morning, so I do not intend to get up at 4 to make soup, however much I like it. Besides: it's my job to lecture you, not feed you. :-)

Serge! You owe this to your students and also to your blog visitors!
We all do great efforts to read and listen to you! ;-)

Sidney: you 'll have to settle for virtual soup I'm afraid! ;-)

What have you started Serge? I've hear of bringing an apple for the teacher but this is something else entirely!

Glad you liked the soup. I'm off home in a couple of days time so I'm looking forward to some ADF cooking myself - in the meantime, I'll have to get the kitchens at the castle working overtime.

Serge: And while you're at it, please bring some delicious soup with you if our meeting takes place :-)

@Sam: this is something entirely different indeed. Talking about the downsides of social media! :-)
@Andrea: I'll see what I can do... but I'm not making any promises! :-)

Binnekort in gent eens ergens een soepke nuttigen ??

Met veel plezier, maat, maar voor nieuwjaar lukt het me niet meer vrees ik (overvolle agenda op de dagen dat ik in Gent ben ofwel niet in Gent). Maken we er dan maar een nieuwjaarsaperitief mét soep achteraf van?

I've been looking for a recepy to make "pistolets" at home. And I mean the good ones... crunchy and hard on the outside and airy and soft on the inside.

Apparently, I need some kind of retroactive flour or something like that... at least something they don't sell here :-(

By the way, if you like potato soup, Irene makes the best ever!

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