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December 14, 2006


How sweet! I wish I could have joined you... Meeting Andrea and declaring independence all in the same day!

Yep: all in a day's work :-).
BTW: this declaration of independence item was one of the stupidest moves I have ever seen on TV in my whole life. Perhaps if they had run it on the first of April... Burt for the rest: as if that kind of moronic prank will make any positive contribution to a reasonable process of further (and logical) decentralisation of the federal state. Also: I think it's quite scary to notice what image the French-speaking part of Belgium must have of the Flemish. A very big majority in Flanders doesn't consider independence as the way to go at all. But as always: the moderate views are probably the least interesting for the media. A pity that even a state-owned TV company has taken that direction....

Ah, Belgium! Nice to see Andrea stuffing her face ;-)

You bet: she eats more than I do! And all that sugar in her coffee... It makes you wonder how she still stays so slim. :-)

@ Serge: Lol, you actually wrote a premptive post, just as you said you would! But about my sandwich, I did not eat more than you... although I *do* like lots of sugar in my coffee.

@ Philip: See what fun you missed? :-)

@ Kami: "Stuffing her face"?!

Andrea: when was the last time I didn't keep my promises? And you DID eat more than I did: I stopped at two bites from the end of my sandwich; you ate yours entirely... (that's probably a late reaction against the 'empty your plate' advice in my childhood :-) )

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