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December 02, 2006


Great! ... but who are the other people? Famous Belgians???

Yeah, some of the "celebrities" are definitely better others. That's why I'm not doing the celebrity look-alike :-) (Written from Augsburg, Germany -- neat!)

This came through an alert for webmasters. I came to see who was a dead-ringer for Mickey Rourke! That's one hell of a compliment! Congrats!

@ Philip: perhaps I should do a little contest as to who they are. But since I have no prizes to hand out, I'll just tell you :-): (clockwise) AJ McLean, Kim Jung Il, Jon Voight, Tim Allen, Charlton Heston, Paul Allen, Peter Sellers and Mickey Rourke. So no: no famous Belgians in that list.
@ Andrea: hope you're having a great stay over there. And I nevertheless think you should give it a try! :-)
@ Kathy: well, what do you know. Big Brother is alive :-). Anyway: nice of you to drop by. I would agree, btw, being compared to Mickey Rourke is a compliment, at least with his younger-than-today version ;-). I have been a bit of a Mickey Rourke fan ever since I saw him in the great Rumble Fish. I thought it was a bit sad to see him lose it a bit some years ago, but taking his role in Sin City into account, I'd say he's found his old cool again; the looks, on the other hand... But hey, that's life, I guess.

Thanks for this lesson in popular culture! You should be grateful - my wife has just done it and (rather unfairly, I thought) got.... Slobodan Milosevic!

Tell her she's got my sympathy... Or perhaps you are the one whom I should give it to? Okay, that's enough for one day. Just kidding, Philip!

Don't be mad at me Serge but you look like a serial killer ! ;-)

Why don't you just tell me I should go find another photo, Sidney? :-D

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