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January 19, 2007


I'm definitely a Pandora person - I've been using it for about 6 months and it just gets better the more you tell it what you do and don't like.

Will be interesting to see if they take advantage of wifi hotspots and the new generation of mobile phones with internet capability - beats having an ipod shuffle/iphone if you can access all those songs for free via your bog standard mobile phone

While you're giving Pandora a run, let me invite you over to a site where folks are sharing their station creations.


@Sam: I'm giving up on ipods and other ear-wrecking devices. Tinnitus has already set in and I don't really fancy becoming a Beethoven without the gift of composition. Besides: fcuk the everywhere, everytime principle. Progress has its downsides. (yep: bad hair day today)
@Tim: thx for the tip.

I had to laugh out loud - I had just put on my good old fashioned discman when I read the last sentence in your post :D

I have to admit I've heard of Pandora, and I even had a look at it, with the kind of sceptisism you normally find with grumpy old men - I had decided to dislike it before I tried it.

Maybe it's time to give it another try, and finally leave 1999 behind...

@Irene: :-D Don't worry: I even still carry an old radio walkman around at times. But anyway: Pandora and stuff is nice for when you're at your pc and you like some music, and you don't know what to put on, and you want some variation, or discover some new bands, and you're too lazy to go over to the stereo like I often am, and/or... And you know what: 1999 wasn't that bad at all, now was it?

In 1999 I was 16, packed with pimples, had just discovered home brewed booze and cigarettes, and started growing sideways instead of upwards.

It was all that bad:)

I rest my case.

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