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March 01, 2007


Where are you positioned in the Geek hierarchy?


@Bart: :-D. Nice chart! I'd say I am in the upper right hand corner. So very low geek level indeed! Or else I am suppressing my real me... :-)

...and it will be directed by J.J Abrams, known as one of the directors of the successful series "Lost".
I've also been a lot into "Star Trek" (TOS, TNG, VOY and the last episode of Enterprise because it featured "Martina Sirtis" and "Jonathan Frakes" as being on captain Picard's Enterprise and replaying the birth of the Federation on a holodeck) and hence, I'm not a trekkie either! ;-)

Of course you are, Tjoff. Admit it! :-)

I loooooooove the suits!!!!!!

So do I, Ceko. But that doesn't mean I fancy wearing them... :-)

IK heb er hier ook zo eentje rondlopen. Christoph is ook fan van "Star Trek". En hier op de Noorse televisie zijn ze bezig alle films aan het heruitzenden. Gelukkig niet in het Noors.
de uitdrukkingen "beam me up Scotty","engage" en dergelijke zijn regelmatig te vinden in onze conversaties...
liefs a3eindje

Dan is het bij deze helemaal zeker dat je ne goeie kerel vasthebt. :-)

I was indulging in a bit of free graphic novel reading this weekend in Forbidden Planet and the amount of Star Trek stuff they have in there is phenomenal... I have a feeling I was standing next to a klingon in disguise too

Funny how they dress up shop detectives nowadays... :-)

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