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April 19, 2007


I hate to imagine what you were looking for when you found this site!!!

Before you start having the wrong ideas :-), I'm actually a member of the organisation behind the site, Velt. It's a not-for-profit organisation trying to convince the public of leading an ecological/organic lifestyle - in the kitchen (what you buy and cook) and the garden (both veggie garden as the rest) mainly. Check out www.velt.be. If you understand enough Dutch, that is :-).

Great concept. I do try to be as green and organic as I can and have been making a few improvements to the Castle recently to help me do this. Will try to translate as much as I can but if I get stuck I'll give you a shout.

BTW - I've sent the link to my friend Emma who keeps chickens. Maybe a foreign exchange plan could be the next step? Chicken cultural relations?

Great idea. One problem: my chickens don't understand English... :-)

Well I don't think they need to understand English as long as they are good in bed! ;-)


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