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May 04, 2007


To the point, but very pertinent stuff, Serge. I'm mulling over where next for 'web 2.0', social media etc and had decided that mobiles would play an increasingly bigger part of it after seeing the guy from Blynkx(or whatever) speak last year but I wasn't sure how it would play out. Still not quite sure but I'm getting there.

I'm already curious to see what you come up with, Simon. But I think that mobility WILL be the next big deciding factor when it comes to social media, "web" 2.0 and communiciations 2.0 basically... We already have the "anything" element, but the "anywhere" and "anytime" are only truly possible when they can be taken literally...

Not sure. My kid is almost 14. I see him chatting a lot (too much) on the net. Of course he is using his mobile all the time too... ;-(

I agree 100%

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