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October 02, 2007


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fat crap

A quote from one of the fans: "finally I get to tip my favourite band!"

Downloaded it myself: a life-affirming record, but not a big revolution like "Kid A". However, songs like "reckoner", "videotape" and "nude" are brilliant.

P.S. I paid £ 40 for the discbox version :-)

Thanks for the input. I think I'll wait for the 'official' version to come out through the shops in January (so not entirely the end as we know it, after all). I don't have the money for the discbox. But then again: I don't work in advertising anymore, so I guess that's logical... :-D

in advertising, the wages are very overestimated :-)

In Rainbows is definitely a return to form but like the first poster, the thought of the deluxe hard copy with extra tracks was too hard to resist!

As someone who grew up with the thrill of vinyl and card in my hands I think even in this age of downloads there will always be a market for beautifully packaged music.

I hope so anyway particularly as I'm in the process of launching a new record label in the UK.

I'll certainly be taking a cue from the European labels Les Disques Du Crepuscule and Sordide Sentimental which managed to do it so well and were a big influence to me in my youth...

I know the feeling about opening the package, reading the booklet,... so very 20th century! :-)
Anyway: let us know when the label takes off!

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