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December 31, 2007


Farewell No Copy.... one of my real favourites, not just something I added to a list.

Serge - how am I going to find a new favourite Belgian blogger???


Hey man, we'll miss the body of your copy - remember, you can pick it back up anyday :)


I really hope you rethink your decision. No Copy has always been a breath of fresh air and you'll be leaving me all on my own with the tenuously music related post titles!

Keep in touch,



@Philip: don't worry - I'll stick around to haunt your posts.
@Tom: Let me think about some suggestions to replace me. Steven is definitely NOT it... :-)
@Jeroen: great to get to know "new" (at least to me) readers even now. And yes, I know. But not immediately, I guess.
@Andy: dito as Philip! Besides: the music related post titles was your idea - nothing's better than the original!
@Steven: Wait till you will have spent three years at the same party... :-)

Enjoy your time off.

You'll be back. Just let us know when "the new Serge" has arrived. :-)

Guess I will just have to travel thousands of miles to SEE my fav Belgian blogger.

@Smetty: I will.
@Kami: what a novel idea. Take time to actually see people in real life instead of meeting them virtually... Could THAT be the new trend? ;-D) Anyway: looking forward to that!

Well... too bad. Although I see your point. I am trying to stop the Web 2.0 overflow in my life as well...(while writing my thesis about business blogs ;)) Too many pages to visit, too many people to interact, too much time spent online. I started by removing MSN, blog is too radical ;) Hope to see you back.

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