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December 31, 2007


Sometimes radical is good. :-) Good luck with the thesis!

:) Radical is, yes, sometimes good :) But all the luck is needed and all the best to you too!

After all, now you will have more time to study Estonian :P "Ma olen õnnelik inimene." means "I'm a lucky person." That's a good start.

Happy New Year!

I hope it is just a manic-depressive episode in your life and I do hope you will blog again soon!

Where would I get my regular fix of Belgium?

Take care and give me a shout when you are back online!

Serge! Just read this news via Philip Young and am saddened, but I can honestly understand where you coming from. In fact I only found out your news because I have been pretty much out of the blogosphere since the end of December.

I hope taking stock of things will help you redefine where you're at and that we see you back soon in a different format.

Till then.....

@Everybody: truly heart-warming, all these reactions. I'm already curious as to what they will be when I'm dead, one day :-)... So, thanks! But for now, I'm not changing my mind. Viz also my latest/last (?) update...


"Only fools don’t change their minds!" ;-)

In that case I'll gladly be a happy fool for now. :-)

Admit it... you already miss your blog!
You are addicted to it... and like smoking it is not easy to quit! :-)

Mmmm... I don't really miss it that much. But if you keep commenting, I have no choice but to keep it going a bit longer. :-) And I quit smoking quite easily, actually. So who knows?

Imagine the number of things you could have shared with the world...

I am sure you feel miserable right now... no more hits, no more comments, no more online friends... you are virtually DEAD ! ;-)

That being said, I hope you are doing fine!

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