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October 15, 2008


Glad I didn't present :)

Yeah typos... I'm not even from the SMS generation, but I'm really not into spelling. I'm the opposite of the many spelling fascists out there.

If you look at the amount of content we produce on a daily basis, it's a different approach to the old days. No time for a second view nor correction. It's either that, either declining last minute requests to present without billable hours. :)

I was writing my post adressed to you- when I read this. I'll have to change the whole goddamn thing, Serge, just because you decided to make a very good post.

Even though you force me to do an even bigger effort, I still like it. Big Ups for Mr. Nocopy!

Yes... but why do they change the grammatical rules all the time...? The very confusing c/k rules... I even don't understand the point of d/t/dt grammatical rules... do we just do this to make the language a bit more difficult for everybody?

Serge... I know you are a busy man... but you should check your posts for typos... I am very annoyed today by your lack of respect for your readers!

@ Bart: personally I think it is a pity you didn't present. And I am sure I would not have found many typos or spelling errors, if any at all...
@ Pietel: don't worry. I do not hold the typos against you :-), nor do I consider any of the presentations less good content-wise. But 'the good old days'? If you think 10 years ago we had more time to cock up presentations than today, you are soooo dead wrong. The attitude towards form simply has changed, because of more people producing more content. So quantity often overtakes quality, also where language is concerned. My concerns here, however, have nothing to do with spelling fascism. Actually, I even resent that reference. But like I said: I am probably an old-fashioned fart. And even with the typos I am glad you didn't decline to present without the billable hours! :-)
@Trom: thank you.
@Sidney: I agree, but 'we' did not change any of the rules. All we can do is try and follow them, and I'm even willing to be flexible in doing that. Just no dt errors. Aaaargh! ;-D And sorry for the lack of respect.

@Pietel Spelling, imho, is just a matter of credibility, But Google (sic) proves me wrong ;)

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